2018 Campaign Kickoff Week ends Happy!

We are excited to announce our Happy Hour, United We Brew, which started at 5pm September 14 at Stein Brewing Company was a huge success! 
We had a friendly bartender competition. Patrons could text to give and to vote for their favorite community bartender - from the bar or from home.

The winner of our celebrity bar tending competition was Bob Boss! Congratulations, Bob! A fitting victory as he was also the last bartender, continuing to serve after our others kicked back to relax. The real winner is Knox County though - thank you to everyone who came out, texted in, or donated to support United Way of Knox County in our Campaign. Thank you to Agency Partner Nick Clark, Campaign Chair Steve Oster, Former Campaign Chair Vickie Sant and Bob Boss and all of our amazing United Way supporters who, along with our partners at Stein Brewing Company, raised over $3,000 for United Way of Knox County in 2 hours!!


We look forward to continuing to share our United Way Program, Agency, and Ambassador stories with Knox County!