The Eagles' Nest After-School Program

Students at East Elementary School continue to enjoy after-school enrichment activities and home work assistance thanks to a project sponsored by United Way.  

Eagles’ Nest is an after school remediation and enrichment program. It contains three components: after school tutoring, and enrichment (fun!) activity, and an afternoon meal. Piloted at East Elementary School in 2017, Eagles’ Nest provides academic and social support for elementary school students. Children are invited to participate based on standardization test scores or by teacher recommendation. 

Meeting October through May, the Eagles Nest program reported an average of 36 "eagles" in the nest each school day in its first year.  Thanks to Marilyn Nagy and a host of volunteers for executing this much-needed and much loved program.  Eagles are supported in the nest with tutoring and homework help from licensed educators, aids, and community volunteers. They take flight participating in organized non-traditional exercise such as Zumba and Yoga. The eagles find wings of their own by challenging their creativity in activities such as crafting and cooking. Watch this short video to hear from program participants!

Students love the program! And it works! Those participating in the program improve in classroom performance and test scores.

*United Way after school programs are scheduled to resume in the 2021-2022 school year*

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