Crunch Out Winners Celebrated

Crunch Out is a six-week program held in the Fall during physical education class. Students learn how to use an  exercise ball as a fitness tool and practice different ball exercises.  Students receive their own exercise ball to take home and keep and are encouraged to share program information with their family.  Research shows that families have the biggest influence on their child's  health habits. Not only do we want the kids to move more, but we also want to get families involved and moving. By having an exercise ball at home, we hope that the students and family will use it and create new healthy habits together! A training guide - My Everyday Guide to Living Healthy -  offers different ball exercises and tips about healthy eating and portion sizes. Students record their nutrition and physical activity in Journals and earn prizes for completing weekly journals and actively participating in gym class.  At the end of the program, students complete an essay - "How I Am Living Healthy!" 

In 2018, 639 students participateed in Crunch Out. Since the program piloted in 2013, over 3,400 children and their families have participated. September through Nevmber, students learned to use their exercise balls and reported their 5-2-1-0 habits in a daily journal. Students completed a "How I am Living Healthy" Essay and recieved prizes for participating. Community members from our program partners helped review essays and selected Classroom winners, School winners, and an Overall Knox County Crunch Out essay contest winner.

Information about the 2018 program and photos from the awards celebration are now available online.

Essay contest Winners were selected from each classroom of the 11 Knox County Elementary schools took part in the Crunch Out programOur Awards Ceremony and Program Celebration for the Fall 2018 Crunch Out Program took place on January 12, 2019. Family, friends and teachers were invited to attend.  Congratulations to all of our Knox County Crunch Out participants. Here are all of our School Essay Winners, selectrod from the classroom winners.  For the full photo gallery from the event, visit our Facebook page.

Congratulations to Our Winners

St Vincent de Paul School
School winner: Lucas Holland, Mrs. Duston’s Classroom

Danville Elementary School
School Winner: Skylar Bickel, Mrs. Newbold’s Classroom
Classroom Winners: Brookelynn Carter, Ms. T Lyon’s Classroom and Celenia Lemus, Mrs. Clarke’s Classroom

Centerburg Elementary School
School Winner: Abby Dickerson, Mrs. Sammons’ Classroom
Classroom Winners: Clair Hill, Mrs. Thompson’s Classroom, Morgan Gaboric, Ms. LaClair’s Classroom and Jocelyn Tabor, Mrs. Gregory’s Classroom

Fredericktown Elementary School
School Winner: Graham Overholt, Mr. Kruger’s Classroom
Classroom Winners: Ava Lodahl, Mrs. Snyder’s Classroom, Korbin Rogers, Ms. Shrimplin’s Classroom and Haley Lester, Mrs. Gardiner’s Classroom

East Knox Elementary School
School Winner: Isabelle Bostic, Mr. Eroy’s Classroom
Classroom Winners: Jared Elswick, Mrs. Tracey’s Classroom, Charlotte St Clair, Mrs. Brenneman’s Classroom and Rylan Winkler, Mrs. Wobbecke’s Classroom

Twin Oak Elementary School
School Winner: Natasha Jose, Mrs. Mier’s Classroom
Classroom Winners: Ashlyn Parry, Mrs. Martin’s Classroom and Melia Leasure, Mrs. Dallas’ Classroom

Columbia Elementary School
School Winner: Mariah Huerte, Mrs. Bareau’s Classroom
Classroom Winner: Jayden Hamilton-Dilts, Mrs. Thomas’ Classroom

Wiggin Street Elementary School
School Winner: Marley Carrico, Ms. Parker’s Classroom
Classroom Winner: Iman Odian, Mrs. Sabo’s Classroom

Pleasant Street Elementary School
School Winner: Allydia Bell, Mrs. DeBoard’s Classroom
Classroom Winners: Eva Mckenzie, Mr. Bonaudi’s Classroom and Addison Komitau, Mrs. Jacklin’s Classroom

East Elementary School
School Winner: Aurora McKee, Ms. Frackman’s Classroom
Classroom Winner: Savannah Rose, Mrs. Martin’s Classroom

Dan Emmett Elementary School
School Winner: Emma Wilson, Mrs. Severn’s Classroom
Classroom Winners: Kendall Riel, Mrs. Marth’s Classroom and Zoe Long, Mrs. Farr’s Classroom

Isabelle Bostic of East Knox Elementary School is the Overall Fall 2018 Crunch Out Knox County Winner!

Thank you Mount Vernon News for covering our community event.