Ella : Ruling Our eXperiences


United Way’s 2018 Ambassador Ella is a participant in Ruling Our eXperiences. This program is supported by Women United, an affinity group of United Way of Knox County. Ruling Our eXperiences, referred to as ROX, is a 20-week cocurricular evidence-based program that aims to boost confidence and skills of girls in the community. The curriculum of the program leads the girls to feel empowers and to control their relationships, experiences, and decisions.

United Way has made the ROX program available to girls in all Knox County School districts. The program is delivered by licensed professionals who have been trained as facilitators with the ROX organization staff. The unique curriculum is age specific, with modifications for elementary and secondary schools and includes discussions on relationship building, healthy relationships, communication, body image, and stress management. It also includes a self-defense component in a safe environment, teaching girls to use body language, verbal skills, and physical force as methods of defense. It also strictly defines defense and fighting.

The ROX organization performs a National Survey, which they use to find out the challenges that girls face and create a curriculum built around addressing those challenges and to set ROX girls up to be successful and empowering them to become strong, independent, courageous adults. ROX empowers them to become leaders. Ella participated in the program as an 8th grader preparing for high school. High school is a difficult time for many girls, navigating through the pressures of school, homework, hobbies, and friends. In ROX, girls practice becoming rulers of these experiences – that through self-awareness and empowerment, they can lead as their best selves. Ella insists that “the ROX program has helped me make new friends, learn how to stand up for myself, and help my community.” The facilitators, ROX girls, and Women United are strong believers in the impact that participating can make. The program was impactful for Ella, who says “I now accept myself for who I am and know that I can be who I want to be, not what society wants me to be.”

This United Way program gave her the power to rule her experiences. By donating to United Way of Knox County’s Campaign, you will be supporting Ruling Our Experiences Program and the other local programs that United Way implements or invests in. Give, Advocate, Volunteer. LIVE UNITED.