Fall Crunch Out program Wrap Up!

Knox County fourth grade classes are wrapping up Crunch Out. The six-week wellness program teaches healthy goal setting for nutrition and exercise. Through Crunch Out, students learned how to use an exercise ball as a fitness tool and practice different ball exercises i- stretches, strength, and cardio. Students receive their own exercise ball to take home and keep and are encouraged to share program information with their family. Kids are encouraged to move more, and we also want to get families involved too. By having an exercise ball at home, we hope that the students and family will use it and create new healthy habits together! Students tracked their nutrition and physical activity in Journals and earn prizes for completing weekly journals and actively participating in gym class.  Now that the program is wrapping up, students are completing  essays - "How I Am Living Healthy!" and competing in an essay contest. Winners will be selected from each classroom and school. An awards celebration is planned for January. We will invite family, friends and teachers to attend and announce the overall Knox County Crunch Out Essay Winner!

The Mount Vernon News wrote a feature on the program to share with the community.