FamilyWize Prescription Savings

United Way of Knox County Ohio, Inc partners with FamilyWize to provide access to affordable prescription medications in order to ensure greater health and financial stability to community members.

On April 1, 2021, our FamilyWize program merged with SingleCare to improve prescription savings for individuals and families.
FamilyWize, which has been helping United Way communities save on their prescription medications for over a decade, is officially combining with SingleCare, a national leader in prescription savings cards. FamilyWize is now known as SingleCare!
SingleCare will offer competitive discounts, can be used like a coupon and offers pricing transparency. There is also a loyalty program available for those who wish to use it. Local Pharmacies in Knox County accept this discount card.
The old cards that say FamilyWize will still work! New cards will also be available soon. They will be plastic and look like this. Even though they have the Walgreens logo on them, they will work at many local pharmacies including Kroger, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walmart. 
If you would like to sign up for SingleCare or download a card, visit our website! You can also access savings by downloading the SingleCare app to your smartphone. 
Single Care is available to everyone regardless of citizenship, insurance status, health conditions, or income level. Everyone qualifies to use it for free.
United Way of Knox County has promoted FamilyWize 2006. Since its introduction 14 years ago, Knox County families have saved over $646,721 on prescriptions by using the FamilyWize discount. In 2020, Knox County residents used the discount to claim $7,646.65 in prescription savings. 

The Savings Card:

  • Is free for everyone – it’s like a coupon that anyone can use as often as you want.
  • Reduces cost – just show the card every time to get the lowest prices, whether it be SingleCare, insurance or retail price.
  • Is easy to use with no registration or eligibility requirements.
  • Accepted at local pharmacies in Knox County

How do I get a card?

  • Contact United Way at: 740-397-5721
  • Download and print a card
  • Download the SingleCare app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.                                              

Drug Price LookUp Tool:

  • You are able to see the SingleCare price of your prescription(s) by either going to the SingleCare Website or by downloading the free SingleCare app. Simply enter your drug name, dosage and zip code to find the lowest price within a 10 mile radius.


SingleCare negotiates fair drug prices directly with major pharmacies like CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Kroger. We pass the savings on to members, free of charge.

To start saving with SingleCare, a member just needs to show the FamilyWize or SingleCare savings card to their local pharmacist whenever they fill a prescription at a participating pharmacy. The discount will be automatically applied to the retail price of the drug.

Members can use their card as often as they want. Cards do not expire. Cards may also be used for family members’ prescriptions and shared with friends.