Fourth Graders are Ready to Crunch Out in Knox County!

Students are looking forward to beginning Crunch Out this week! The evidence is overwhelming! Earlier this month, program coordinators from United Way and the Knox County Health Department delivered Crunch Out supplies to all of Knox County's elementary schools. Students were excited as they recognized the boldly colored Crunch Out signs and prizes being delivered to their schools. 

Planned to begin this week, the six-week program is held in the Fall during physical education class.  Fourth grade students will learn how to use an  exercise ball as a fitness tool and practice different ball exercises.  The students are given their own exercise ball to take home and keep and are encouraged to share program information with their family.  Research shows that families have the biggest influence on their child's  health habits. Not only do we want the kids to move more, but we also want to get families involved and moving. By having an exercise ball at home, we hope that the students and family will use it and create new healthy habits together.

The program is constantly evaluated and updated. This year, in addition to moving up the start date, we have also changed the name, We hope that by dropping the word "Obesity" from the name of the program, it will be seen for what it truly is. This is not a weight-loss program, it is a nutrition and physical education wellness program. Education and practice are the best way to create healthy habits. That's what Crunch Out provides for Knox County's students! 

Crunch Out Knox County teaches 4th grade students in Knox County Schools about making healthy food choices and getting physical activity every day.  Information about 5-2-1-0 is shared and reviewed throughout program.  Kids aren't riding their bikes to get around, fewer are choosing to participate in organized sports, and many schools across the nation have reduced or eliminated gym class. Healthy nutrition and physical activity are essential to preventing health problems associated with sedentary life styles or adult obesity. Crunch Out Knox County provides information and tools to help our children create and maintain healthy habits!

One of Mount Vernon's P.E. teacher, Mr Evans, asked his students to list what they liked and learned in Physical Education Class and the results were overwhelming. Our Kids like Crunch Out and remember the 5-2-1-0 guidelines introduced in the program!