Girls on the Run 5K Celebration!

The first year of Knox County's Girls on the Run program has officially ended. On May 20, Girls on the Run participants traveled to Columbus Commons to take part in the organization's 5K race and program celebration.The celebration featured sponsor tents offering fun (free!) activities for the girls as they waited for the race to being. From stickers for their race bibs to face painting the activities celebrated the girls individuality and creativity which reinforcing the program's core values.


The program, supported by United Way of Knox County and Licking/Knox Goodwill Industries, Inc., teaches elementary girls (grades 3-5) life skills and self-empowerment through convversation-based lessons and running games. It extends over 12-weeks and culminates in completion of the organization's 5K race and celebration. Ten of the twelve knox county girls who participated in the Spring 2018 program at Columbia Elementary School were able to attend the race. Each girl ran with a family member or coach - United Way's program coordinator joined the group as well.


The team was well-prepared for race day. Upon reflection, one girl declared that after all of the training "running the 5K felt like it was really easy." Each program participant had a #1 on their race bib and was rewarded with a finishers medal and healthy snack to refuel at the finish line. 

The following week, the girls met at school for a final recap of the program themes and to celebrate a successful season. They also carried out their Community Impact project, selling popsicles at recess and raising over $94 for the dog shelter!

To learn more about this program, please visit the Girls on the Run website.