Knox County Community Needs

Thank you to all Knox County partners who were involved in the creation and distribution of a 2014 Community Health Assessment, as well as 1,095 households and 60 businesses that provided input about strengths, issues and challenges in Knox County, Ohio.

The 2014 survey findings confirm the priority areas of focus in the Knox County Community Health Improvement Plan and provide stakeholders with further information on how to best approach these topics. The data collected across the household and business surveys reveal potential areas where focused resources and programming could prove beneficial. Based on the findings, recommendations include the creation of community wide efforts to increase the health and wellbeing of Knox County residents, particularly as it relates to mental health/stress management, tobacco/substance use, and healthy eating/obesity. Focused attention to lower income residents can help mitigate the consistent disparities that are present in access to health care, health outcomes, support services, and quality of life, and provide all residents with the support that they need to experience good health and feel safe and valued.

Both the short Executive Summary and the full Community Health Assessment Report can be downloaded and shared.