My Budget Coach

Getting by but not getting ahead?

         Feel like you don't know where your money goes?

                   Want to improve your credit score?

How Does My Budget Coach Work?

Twelve (12) on-line budgeting sessions which include a monthly meeting with your very own coach

On-line budgeting tools make it easy to create a custom budget

What Does Each Session Focus On?

Session 1: You and the coach will get acquainted and learn how to use the tools
Session 2: Developing The Budget
Sessions 3–5: Reviewing The Budget And Setting Goals
Session 6: Focusing On Financial Organization
Session 7: Comparison Shopping
Session 8: Income Generation
Session 9: The Importance Of Saving
Session 10: What is Behind Our Spending Choices
Session 11: What is In a Credit Report
Session 12: Pulling The Pieces Together

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