Rachel : The Freedom Center

United Way’s 2018 Campaign Ambassador Rachel is a participant in The Freedom Center’s Program Care Management. This program is supported by United Way and provides Case Managers to reduce barriers to attending treatment and assist in engaging individuals to be more successful in their treatment by coordinating services in the community for clients. Drug and alcohol abuse recovery is a difficult path, but with the support of case managers, clients are better able to prioritize their sobriety.

A new component to the Freedom Center’s traditional Program Care Management was added in Summer 2018. Wellness and Recovery Activities are supported by United Way and intended to provide a safe sober community environment for individuals and families of individuals in recovery. The program takes care management a step further by providing and promoting healthy, drug free activities. By providing fun activities for clients, the program reduces the time available and temptation to relapse to drug use. It also provides a controlled environment for clients to socialize and have fun which supports a sustainable recovery. On such activity was an overnight retreat for female clients (accompanied by staff facilitators) at Camp Mowana in Mansfield Ohio. Participants of the retreat enjoyed activities centered around relaxation and mindfulness such as yoga and journal writing. They learned how to incorporate these positive life skills as tools for stress management while in a safe and supportive environment, surrounded with nature’s peace and tranquility.

The retreat was strategically designed. While structured to be peaceful and calming, it was difficult for the participants to step out of their comfort zone for an overnight sober activity in a group setting. One woman drove past the Freedom Center several times before finding the courage to park and join in the retreat. Another parked and sat in her car for 30 minutes before braving to walk in the front door. Once there, however, the atmosphere allowed the participants to bond quickly and share their recovery stories with one another in a supportive and nurturing environment. Many found the retreat to be life changing, they dispelled shame about their addiction, felt connected with other women in recovery, learned new skills and opened their minds to new experiences. Rachel has shared her story openly with United Way staff while acting in her capacity as a campaign ambassador and with Women United members as a guest at the Women in Recovery Breakfast in June 2018. She states simply and firmly “This recovery program has saved my life”.

This United Way partner program helped her find a path to recovery. By donating to United Way of Knox County’s Campaign, you will be supporting the Program Care Management including Wellness and Recovery Activities and the other local programs that United Way implements or invests in. Give, Advocate, Volunteer. LIVE UNITED.