ROX - Ruling Our eXperiences

Ruling Our eXperiences - ROX - began as a resource study at The Ohio State University, and the 20-week evidenced based curriculum has proven effective in helping young girls learn to love themselves, be more confident, and develop stronger and healthier relationships. The ROX organization prepared this short video to help explain more about the program.



ROX was first introduced to Knox County at Danville and Centerburg Schools in 2015, as a Women United initiative. Since then, the program has grown to include groups in 

  • Centerburg Elementary School

  • Danville Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

  • Fredericktown Middle & High Schools

  • Knox County Career Center

  • Mount Vernon Middle School

  • East Knox Schools


Facilitators work with small groups of 10-15 girls for 20 weeks.  The validated curriculum provides the structure and content for girls to explore the tough things going on in their lives and develop new ways to communicate, stand up for themselves, and plan for their futures.  ROX helps girls develop the skills to deal with social, personal, and academic issues including: girl bullying and relational aggression, healthy dating and forming healthy relationships, cyberbullying, body image and the media, navigating social media, dealing with sexual harassment and violence, and leadership development for girls. 


Read here about the great Self-Defense Classes provided to ROX participants at the Knox County Career Center in March 2018. The following year, March 2019, New Directions and Women United partnered with ROX to host a county-wide ROX gathering in honor of International Women's Day.