Steve Oster to serve as UW 2018 Campaign Chair

United Way Executive Director Kelly Brenneman has announced that Steve Oster, Superintendent for the Knox and Coshocton County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, will serve as the United Way of Knox County’s Campaign Chair for 2018. Oster is thrilled to take part and focus on the health initiatives that United Way supports.

“A healthy community is also a strong and vital community, able to sustain its vitality and accomplish even greater things in the future. That strength is built on the health of all of its citizens, from the newborn baby to the oldest and wisest among us and everyone in between. It is important that we continue to invest in, maintain and improve the health of Knox County so that we can continue to be the amazing place we are.” United Way plans to raise $1,150,000.00 and invest $743,384 in 17 partner agencies, who will run 26 programs in 2019.

A natural leader, Steve is not only a past president to the United Way of Knox County, but also the Vice President for a partner agency, New Directions, Past Board member of our partner agency Behavioral Healthcare Partners, a Past President of Willow Works and Diversified Products and Services, Past Co-Chair for the Ohio Association of County Board of Developmental Disabilities Board, and many other groups in Knox and Coshocton Counties.

Steve grew up in Ontario, Ohio and earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Public Communications and his Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management under the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.  Steve has a wide variety of work experiences working in Mental Health, Aging, running a county home and also currently the Executive Director of the non-profit PAR – Professionals, Advocates, Resources, all which lead to his passion of developmental disabilities. 

A graduate of Ashland University and the Ohio State University, Steve is also the Past President of the Ashland Alumni Association and a Past board of Trustees Member for Ashland University.

“We are thrilled to have Steve carry the torch. He is a true advocate of our work at United Way and knows directly how important United Way is to supporting agency programming in Knox County,” remarked Director Brenneman.

In addition to the $409,384 supporting the 13 Health programs administered by 8 partner agencies, United Way will also fund 6 Education Programs, supported by 5 agencies, who will receive $113,500 and 7 agencies will receive $220,500 for 7 Financial Stability Programs in 2019. United Way of Knox County is also unique as it also runs several programs directly. These include Crunch Out, Poverty Simulations, and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library amongst many others. Oster will be traveling around the county and educating the communities on the importance of United Way in Knox County beginning in September and serving through the year until the Annual Meeting in March.

Follow this link to pledge your support to the 2018 United Way Campaign.