Steve is a United Way Volunteer. He is the Superintendent for the Knox and Coshocton County Boards of Developmental Disabilities. He is a past president to the United Way of Knox County, the Vice President for partner agency New Directions, Past Board member partner agency Behavioral Healthcare Partners, Past President of Willow Works and Diversified Products and Services, Past Co-Chair for the Ohio Association of County Board of Developmental Disabilities Board, and many other groups in Knox and Coshocton Counties. He is the United Way of Knox County’s Campaign Chair for 2018.

His role began in September and he will serve through the year until the United Way Annual Meeting in March. Campaign Chair is a hefty title; but what it means is that Steve will be acting as a representative of United Way in our 2018 Campaign to raise funds to support the community’s 2019 United Way Investment Agenda. United Way plans to raise $1,150,000.00 and invest $743,384 in 17 partner agencies, who will run 26 programs in the areas of Health, Education, and Financial Stability in 2019. There are also several programs in those same focus areas implemented and supported directly by United Way. As the Campaign Chair, Steve will be traveling around the county and educating the communities on the importance of United Way in Knox County.

Steve is a true advocate of our work at United Way and knows directly how important United Way is to supporting agency programming in Knox County. He has been deeply involved with United Way and our partner agencies for example, he worked at the YMCA in college in the weight room, teaching swimming, and running the summer camp programs; excelled in scouting, proudly becoming an Eagle Scout; set up and worked Blood Drives for American Red Cross, gives blood, and helps with American Red Cross classes; trained as a lifeguard and lead swim classes,  taught CPR and First Aid; had a relative whose house burned down and  received  services through the Disaster Relieve Program; helped install door hangers for 211 in the community; participated in Poverty Simulations; painted the Born Learning Trail with staff in Danville; and volunteered countless times to paint, serve food, and provide services at the Salvation Army. Steve believes that “a healthy community is also a strong and vital community, able to sustain its vitality and accomplish even greater things in the future. That strength is built on the health of all of its citizens, from the newborn baby to the oldest and wisest among us and everyone in between. It is important that we continue to invest in, maintain and improve the health of Knox County so that we can continue to be the amazing place we are.”

Steve is just one of many volunteers at United Way. He joins the other various volunteers of United Way of Knox County programs. We share his story and encourage you to share your own. By donating to United Way of Knox County’s 2018 Campaign, you will be supporting local programs that United Way implements or invests in. Give, Advocate, Volunteer. LIVE UNITED.


Follow this link to pledge your support to the 2018 United Way Campaign.