Tom : Scoutmaster Muskingum Valley BSA

Tom is a United Way volunteer. Tom is the Scoutmaster of a Fredericktown Boy Scout Troop. Tom offers direction, coaching, and support to the junior leaders who run their Boy Scout Troop. Muskingum Valley Council (MVC), Boy Scouts of America chapter serves Coshocton, Guernsey, Knox, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Perry, and southern Tuscarawas Counties. That is a lot of land (and a lot of nature!) to cover. United Way invests in the Muskingum Valley Council Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts in part to make a MVC representative to Knox County once a week. The MVC representative meets with Scoutmasters like Tom to provide the supplies, references, resources, and support that our local Knox County leaders need

Muskingum Valley Council has a strong Knox County presence. Cub Scouts, Weeblos, Boy Scouts, and Venturing Club, offer Scouting activities to boys and girls ages 7 to 21. Robust programming offers merit badge work, service hours, summer camps, and year-round camping and experiences. Scouts intend to train youth to develop moral strength and character, citizenship, and mental, emotional, and physical fitness. Boy Scouts are expected to develop personal values, learn the principles of American heritage and government, and acquire skills to become successful adults. Tom believes that scouting gives the scouts the opportunity to do that. “[Scouting] gives them something to do every week, every month, as a constant achievement.” Developing new skills and giving back to their community in turn builds their confidence and makes them feel good about themselves.

Just as United Way invests in Muskingum Valley Council Boy Scouts of America and MVC invests in Knox County’s Troops, Scoutmaster Tom invests in his Scouts. He is eager to highlight one Scout who had come especially far. When he joined, the Scout had several behavioral issues, but over his time with the Troop, has grown as a Troop member, and is even ready to join in some of the high adventure scouting activities. Scoutmasters like Tom go through extensive online, face-to-face, and advanced trainings in order to become volunteers. Then the real work begins, Scoutmasters use their handbooks, MVC resources, and personal experience to help their Troops navigate through structured ranking systems and merit systems. They also provide a positive adult role model for the youth in their Troop, serving as an example of character, citizenship, and fitness. Because of volunteers like Tom, Scouts will “be prepared” for the next stages of their lives.

Tom is just one of the many local Scoutmasters. As a group, they join the other various volunteers of United Way of Knox County programs. We share his story and encourage you to share your own. By donating to United Way of Knox County’s Campaign, you will be supporting Muskingum Valley Council Boy Scouts of America and the other local programs that United Way implements or invests in. Give, Advocate, Volunteer. LIVE UNITED.