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The United Way of Knox County is committed to supporting impactful community programs through a transparent and effective funding process. Our approach ensures that every dollar donated is allocated to initiatives that align with our strategic focus areas: health, education, and financial stability.

What We Do

Supporting Knox County

Annually, the United Way of Knox County dedicates funds to local initiatives demonstrating significant impact. This funding initiative, known as Community Investment, is driven by volunteer efforts. These volunteers rigorously evaluate applications, reviewing program results, financial integrity, and historical performance. 

The Funding Process

The United Way funding process is meticulously designed to guarantee that donor contributions are utilized judiciously, efficiently, and with maximum impact. This process commences with an exhaustive application phase, wherein agencies undergo thorough vetting to ensure alignment with United Way's objectives. Afterwards, applicants engage in an in-depth interview with the Community Impact Panel (CIP), comprised of diverse community members, aimed at assessing the potential impact of proposed programs.


Following the interview, the Community Investment Committee (CIC) meticulously reviews applications and CIP evaluations and formulates funding recommendations. These recommendations undergo a final review by the United Way Board of Directors, who ultimately determine the allocation of funds. Through this transparent and community-involved process, United Way ensures that every dollar entrusted by donors serves its intended purpose, yielding the greatest possible benefit for the community. Interested in joining the community investment committee? Email for more details


Submit Application

Organizations submit applications detailing their program's alignment with United Way's strategic goals, showcasing their potential for community impact.


Community Impact Panel

A panel of volunteers reviews applications and participates in agency presentations, focusing on potential impact to ensure diverse community perspectives are considered.


Review & Allocation Proposal

The Community Investment Committee conducts a thorough review of program outcomes and financials, assessing the foundation for success.


Board of Directors Approval

The Board of Directors makes the final funding decisions, ensuring that selected programs are well-positioned to benefit the community significantly.

The Community Investment Committee

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